Our Plan for Your Success

It takes more than a trained real estate agent to understand your needs and concerns. It takes a team who has been there, someone who can lead you through the process with integrity.

There’s plenty to do and we are here to help.

1 – Consultation

We like to begin by meeting in person with you to discuss your wants, needs, and price range. During this meeting, we will also take time to explain the full buying process so that you know your next step, as well as what we are working on for you. This meeting also allows us to address any initial questions you may have.

We want to connect with you so that we can tailor our level of service to your needs. Some clients like more guidance and assistance, while others only want the bare minimum. Either way, our team is here to serve you!

2 – Considering Properties

We will start your home search by setting you up for email updates when there are properties in your price range matching your requirements. When you find a home that you are interested in, we will schedule a time for you to meet Travis at the home to tour it.

During your tour, Travis will walk through the home with you, noting any concerns he sees.

Some people find their home on the first showing, other people tour 20 homes before they find one they like. Either way, our team is here to help you find your perfect home!

3 – Submitting an Offer

Once we find a home you are interested in submitting an offer on, we will complete a home value report of the property. We call this ‘pulling comps’ – meaning we will make an assessment on the value of the home, taking into consideration relevant properties now for sale, under contract, and recently sold. Our goal is for you to feel informed about your decision.

Negotiation is crucial for your success, which is why our team is here to advise you. We will connect with the listing agent to get a sense of the situation pertaining to the offer process and negotiability. Our aim is to offer advice and counsel regarding the best approach for framing the terms of your offer to achieve a successful result for you.

Once we have decided on what price you would like to offer, I will draft up the paperwork online for you to sign digitally.

Offers are typically contingent on a home inspection of the property by a licensed professional to check for signs of structural damage or things that need repairs, so no need to worry about that yet!

4 – Inspection

Price isn’t the only negotiation! After your offer is accepted, we will schedule a licensed home inspector to go through the home and note any concerns. This is a great time for you to be there to understand your new home.

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will email us a copy of the inspection report. Our team will guide you through the report so you know what’s going on in your new home. We will draft up an Inspection Objection of the necessary property repairs that you would like to ask the Seller to repair prior to closing.

5 – Appraisal

Once we’ve made it through inspection and you are still loving the home, then we wait on the lender to confirm that we are ‘clear to close.’ The lender may require an appraisal to be done on the home. And there may be additional documentation that you will need to provide them.

6 – Closing

The day before or the morning of closing, Travis will meet you at the home to do a final walkthrough. We do this walkthrough to make sure everything is in the condition you first saw it in and previously requested repairs are completed.

Then Travis will meet you at the title company for the closing documents. We are there to help you understand each document and answer any questions you may have. Ownership will be transferred to you and you’ll get keys to your new home!

Our team is focused on consistent communication

Our team will be right by your side on this journey from our initial meeting to the closing table, our team is here to serve you.

We will email you often about potential homes and will be in regular contact with you about your search. We respond in a timely fashion to all communications. Great service means great communication with you.

Also, we have a network of recommended professionals available to share with you from lenders to inspectors, and everything in between. Even after the closing, you can count on us for reliable recommendations. We understand that closing on your new home is the end of one journey and the start of a new one and we are happy to be on this journey with you!

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